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On 2/20/2021 at 9:27 PM, LutherDestroysTheGond said:

2/18/2021: Found a gamecube with hookups and Animal Crossing locally on Facebook for $50.  I offered $40 and met up the lady selling the it.  Neither 3rd party controller worked but I have extra controllers to bundle with it.  Going to try setting up my daughter with a village of her own.  Great stuff!


Make sure to hook up a GBA so she can visit the island!

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17 hours ago, MiamiSlice said:

Make sure to hook up a GBA so she can visit the island!

Good call, I would've totally forgotten.  We set up her village and she enjoys it.  I let her walk around and I do the reading for her.  Starting to think that this may be a tool to get her to read some more on her own....

In other pickup news, I got a cart holder locally for $3 for her to put NES games in.  I picked out ones that I think are good for her to start and learn the buttons.  Going to paint it purple and let her use some old Nintendo stickers and some of her own stickers to decorate and make it her own.  I want to give her a chance to like my hobby but if it doesn't stick that's fine too.


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