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Switch Paper Mario return to form, rumor discussions.


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Rumors swirling that a Paper Mario is coming out in 2020 that will be like Paper Mario 64 and TYYD.  I don't put too much stock into rumors until more credible sources pick it up.  And now it's everywhere so I think this is probably true at this point.  Do you believe it?  Care?  I'm excited.  Nintendo has really been giving fans what they want since they launched the Switch.


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25 minutes ago, ErickRPG said:

I agree generally.  But when more and more credible places report on it I start to believe it.  Remember, switch lite was a rumor at some point too.

Yeah but the switch lite and the switch pro were supposed to launch side by side...


Of course there's going to be a new paper Mario game. There has been one on every console since the N64; I'm sure the switch will be no different. Personally, I hope the Mario and Luigi series is the one that continues. Sticker star was abbissmal and color splash was nothing to write home about so I'm not really looking forward to another paper Mario game while the Mario and Luigi franchise still have some gas left in the tank.

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I'm the opposite I'm ready for a Paper Mario 64 style Paper Mario game.  And I actually enjoyed Sticker Star quite a bit.  I think if they go back to the RPG style that is my favorite of all the Paper Mario OR Mario & Luigi games.  Paper Jam was ok, but I will always love the traditional Paper Mario style games better.  If they make it like a truly connected world like PM64 I'll be in heaven.

The fact that the Mario & Luigi team went bankrupt, I think means Nintendo had to do something drastic with the "Paper Mario" franchise.  And I think going back to tradition is the right move.

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If they are returning to the original style of PM and TTYD I will be super excited.  I'm one of the few that enjoyed Super Paper Mario, but at the end of the day, I would much rather have the more traditional style that they used for the first two games.  Paper Mario and TTYD are my favorite games on their respective systems.  

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If this paper Mario doesn't go back to how ttyd was, I'm not getting it. Everything post ttyd has been trash (super paper Mario being slightly less trash) which is really impressive because ttyd is one of my top 10 games of all time.

I tolerated super paper Mario, but they took out the battles which was half the fun of the game. Sticker star was where I lost all hope. Man was that a bad game. Really hoping they finally get back on track to the golden age. 

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Member · Posted

I legit don't even read game news, so this is the first I've heard of it.  As a rule, I don't believe any rumors unless they can post leaked footage or images from sources that have proven to be extremely reliable.

I've only played PM64 but I've really wanted to get back into the series.  I loved that game and I wouldn't mind returning to a mechanic like that.

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