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Thank you to everyone involved in the new platform!

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I have not made an intro post for a collecting forum in probably over a decade, and would like to start by expressing a heartfelt thank you to everyone involved in this new platform, for your initiative and all of the hard work that you have put in to make this happen, especially within such a short time window!

For those that do not know me -- and that probably includes many as I have not been very active in years -- I have been collecting NES for nearly two decades. Initially with a focus on NES accessories and game variants, and later branching out to just about anything marketed for NES. On NA, I was among the first 10 or so members, and helped populate the database there and moderate the forums a long time ago (similarly for RFGeneration and Digital Press). My motto was always to collect to document (and share info), although I'll admit I've stopped going public with finds years ago due to the growth of financial interests in the hobby.

Great to see familiar faces here, and excited to see where this community-driven turn in the hobby takes us!

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