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The Official Repellant Comics thread


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If you've been on the Discord you prolly know about the LastCat repellants. If not, it started as a joke with LastCat, who loves the Sega Saturn, with drawings featuring Samus and other fellows destroying Sega Saturns in dumb drawings I did in-between classes.

Well, it got out of hand and now I'm making full blown strips about the adventures of Samus, Jon, Larvitar with a Hat and now the one and only Andrew Robert "megamanfan" Lynch in their quest to defeat the Saturn menace in space.

I'll be posting the repellants as I make them in this very thread. Lemme start with #0 - the prologue! I should post all 9 strips I have so far in the coming days...


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8 hours ago, jerbilly said:

Andy always survives.

Oh my god, the one and only jerbilly is back at it on VGS! Man, I'm so glad you made it on here, so many NA members missed you! I hope you'll stick around😊

Any chance you can kick Bimmy's butt to join as well? I pm'd him before NA shut down, but he hasn't logged in to see it, and now he won't see my pm cause that GoCollect inbox is so fucked up he's never going to find it.

Edit : Well, maybe it is not really jerbilly after all, but the posting in a comic thread really confounding me.

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