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Should I Keep This?

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This variant is not easy to come by. 

It arrived today and despite being listed as in Very Good condition, the manual has issues which I expected from the photos, but the disc is completly covered in scratches, which I didn't expect.

The disc is probably $15 - $30 to replace.

I already paid $230 after tax should I return it?


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The final price was $200 and shipping was $8 then like $18 in taxes. 

I guess I kinda feel like I over paid, so to have to spend more for a new disc is kind of irritating. 

I halfway think the disc was already badly resurfaced .

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13 hours ago, Jeevan said:

wow 230?  I dont know what the variant is but damn.......Maybe ask for partial refund if the disc wasn't pictured?  enough to buy a disc.  Can it be resurfaced and saved?

think its over the "Williams" bit there are less of those than "Midway" not quite sure on the reasons though 

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can you feel the scratches? If you resurface it, clean it off with a wet paper towel first then dry. That adds some surface scratch but the resurfacer will clean that up fine. I have way more success when I clean my discs first before I resurface them. The game store I used to work at has the same machine as me, but they dont use it properly for best results. They have no clue what they were doing. The machine I have heats them up pretty warm and any residue or debris on the disc will make the resurfacing not as successful and look to where you can tell it was resurfaced. If you can already feel all the scratches raking your finger across then thats bad and probably wont repair adequately.  

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