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There's been an attempt... to organize the N64 collection by genre

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My goal is to be able to put the n64 library, at least the NA collection, into a simple, organized list based on genre. I want to be able to look at my display and say to myself "I feel like a racing game today" and go right to that section rather than having them all in Alphabetical.

HERE's my google doc with what I've currently labeled each game's genre with. I could use another set of eyes to help me mark each game appropriately and reduce the number of genres. I'm trying to keep the number of genres to a minimum for simplicity sake, hopefully around 10. Naturally games will often blend genres with that few to choose from. I'm trying to pick the most appropriate genre to remedy this. Feel free to adjust anything as I want this to be a group effort.


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I actually did that with the PS1 library about a year ago.  It was an interesting way to create a bunch of lists of subsets.  It was also interesting to use the information to get an idea of what % of the library was sports games or racing games.  I'm interested to know what % of the N64 library is racing (probably pretty high).  Good luck.  It's a lot of work.

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Editorials Team · Posted

Let's see... If you're going for fewer total genres, you could combine VEHICULAR COMBAT and BATTLE RACING into one. Or even just mark them all RACING and include the CART RACING and any snowboarding games in RACING as well. If that makes RACING too big, you can divide it either with combat elements, or I personally like to separate realistic racing sims from more cartoony or fantasy ones, so that Diddy Kong Racing isn't right next to something like Nascar 2000.

FIGHTING can include HACK AND SLASH and maybe even WRESTLING, although N64 Wrestling games might deserve a genre of their own lol.

I'd go through and eliminate any genre with 3 or fewer games, try to blend them with other groups, especially ones like SIMULATION that can mean anything. Resident Evil can be a 3rd person shooter. Etc.

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Here is what I did.  First, I separated everything into a genre.  Then I created two sub-categories.  The first sub-category was to break down the genre if it was part of a big group (this was helpful in keeping the total number of genres down for simplicity).  The second sub-category was only used for a game series if it applies.

For example, racing was a common genre for the PS1.  Within racing, I had several sub-categories such as simulation, arcade, kart racer, etc.  The second category was for series, which could include all Need for Speed games, or all Test drive games.

Another example would be sports games.  I considered sports games as its own genre.  Then the first sub-category would be used for football, baseball, hockey, etc.  The second category could be used for the series such as Game Day, or Madden.  

The second sub-category could also be used to help keep track of game series that spanned multiple genres like Crash Bandicoot.  Crash had 5 games that fell under 3 genres including platforming, racing and party games.  

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Man, combining the Adventure and 3D platformer genres is not a good move IMO. There is a significant distinction between them in the pace of the gameplay and overall focus, that just doesn't sit well with me lumping them together. Especially seeing as 3D platformer is the N64's signature genre...

I mean it's your list I guess, but yikes, lol!

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For more specific points:

I think you can change "Hack and Slash" to "beat-em up" and include Batman Beyond and Nightmare Creatures in that category. Possibly even Power Rangers too, although that game is multigenre, the most significant aspect is beat-em up.

I would consider Charlie Blast's territory a puzzle game. Hexen is more of an adventure game than an FPS. I would also call the two Pokémon Stadium games strategy rather than fighting.

Might be a good idea to fold the game show category into the board game category, as they serve a similar purpose.

I'd also pull the various air combat games together into a single genre...

Eh... To be honest I think my list would look totally different to yours, ha ha ha! This might not be the sort of thing that a group can easily collaborate on!

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These are the genres that I used.  PS1 has a pretty large library, so some of this may be overkill for N64 and a few could probably be combined since the N64 library is about 1/4 the size.  But it could be a start.

  • Action / Adventure (typically third person games that don't fall under the shooter or platformer genres)
  • Arcade (this includes the arcade collections and remakes of older arcade games)
  • Beat'em Up
  • Driving / Action (heavy emphasis on driving that doesn't fall under racing or vehicular combat like GTA, PS1 actually had a lot of these)
  • Education
  • Fighting
  • First Person Shooter
  • Flying
  • Games (board games, chess, casino etc)
  • Interactive Movie (FMV games or similar)
  • Light Gun
  • Pinball
  • Platform (split into 2D and 3D)
  • Point & Click
  • Puzzle
  • Racing
  • Rhythm
  • RPG
  • Run & Gun
  • Scrolling Shooter (horizontal, vertical, rail ect)
  • Simulation
  • Sports
  • Strategy
  • Survival Horror
  • Third Person Shooter
  • Vehicular Combat (PS1 had enough of these to make it a genre)
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Member · Posted


Feels like everything is kind of lumped as Action/Adventure or Adventure. Doesn't seem like there is any clear distinction.  Even games you think would be straight up Adventure like Zelda are Action/Adventure.  Mario 64 is straight Adventure, is it more of an Adventure and less Action packed than Zelda?

When you say arcade shooter I think of top down shooters but you seem to be talking about Flight games so maybe call them that and get Pilotwings into the mix?

Vehicular Combat, Battle Racing, and Cart racing seem all over the map.  How is Diddy Kong Racing not Cart Racing?  Extreme G is Battle Racing, but F Zero is just racing?

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Member · Posted

Here’s some N64 categories from a few minutes of brainstorming:

- Mario games

- Rare games (Conkers, Goldeneye, Killer Instinct etc)

- Platformers

- RPGs

- 3D action


- futuristic racers

- racetrack racers

- mixed racers

- sports using feet

- sports using hands

- miscellaneous 

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