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WTB Sega CD games, FM Towns Marty, 32x games


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Looking for the first run cardboard games CIB and in good shape.  Also looking for any of the mid rang to heavy hitters CIB.  Hit me up if you have any for sale or want to work out a trade.


Also looking for a working FM Towns Marty system and 32X stuff.



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I have a good amount. All of these prices include shipping. I also have a loose cardboard sleeve for Sonic and a half dozen or so loose games, if you're looking to complete anything. Feel free to reach out via DM!

**Sega CD**

* [Lethal Enforcers Light Gun in Box (includes game)](https://i.imgur.com/d6CqcHN.jpg) -$74* Adventures of Batman and Robin -$43
* Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, Eye of the Beholder - $32
* Battlecorps -$27
* Chuck Rock II -$29
* Cliffhanger -$15
* Ecco the Dolphin and Sega Classics -$24
* Eternal Champions -$33
* Jurassic Park -$12
* Microcrosm -$13
* NBA Jam -$19
* NFL's Greatest Teams -$10
* NHL 94 -$16
* Puggsy -$26
* Shining Force CD -$160
* Silpheed -$30
* Soi Feace -$13
* Soulstar -$95
* Star Wars Rebel Assault -$24
* The Amazing Spiderman vs. The Kingpin -$45

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