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ninji's FS/FO thread v2.0 - 2020 UltraHD edition


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Hey all!

NOTE:  I assume NA selling rules apply, so these items are all for offer until I post some prices! Time to sell some extra stuff! Want in? Check it all out below!  Pics upon request. This list will be in constant edit mode while I add things and cross off items that have been sold. If you have any questions, let me know.  Below is a link to my NA feedback thread via archive.org. 


UPDATE: I now have VGS feedback as well!

Prices do not include shipping.  

Misc items

Street Fighter 30th anniversary funko pop box (GameStop exclusive, brand new) Pic #1 ]   [ Pic #2 ]   [ Pic #3 ]

Misc sealed Star Wars figures (recent years, brand new)

K'nex Mario Kart Wii / Mario Kart 7 series racecars (brand new, sealed) 

Mario Kart Wii tote bag (new with tag) Pic #5 ]

Misc sealed Transformer figures (recent years, brand new)

Misc World of Nintendo figures (all brand new, sealed) Pic #4 ]

Disney Infinity Yoda figure (v3.0) (brand new, sealed) Pic #4 ]

Logictech Prodigy G233 wired gaming headset (blue; brand new, sealed)

Skytech gaming mouse (brand new)




- Puyo Puyo Tetris (brand new, sealed)


- Dragon Quest Heroes II (brand new, sealed)


- Digger T Rock (cart only) - $15
- Spiderman - Return of the Sinister Six (cart only) -  $6
- Lee Travino's Fighting Golf (cart only, fairly minty) - $5

(more to come as I comb through my NES carts)



Silver GameCube SOLD!

SNES console (original version)


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