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Super Nintendo 1993 NHL Stanley Cup Promotional Items, Displays, and Signs

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NHL Stanley Cup for the Super Nintendo came out in 1993 and was heavily promoted.  I have listed everything I have ever found but was wondering if the community knows of any other promotional items, signs, or displays that may exist.  Also if you have some of these items and the picture listed isn't very good it would be great to get some upgrades. If you enjoy this type of stuff drop a like. Thanks for your help.



Promotional Items


Super Nintendo Stanley Cup Promotional Hockey Jersey / Sweater

I have heard that this was from NHL Stanley Cup video game tournaments that were held in Canada and that they were prizes.  There are two different ones that I am aware of.  One has Champion across the back and the second one has a blank back. It has the Bauer hockey brand logo on the reverse side of the jersey, was made in Canada, and the jersey itself is by Prowear.


Super Nintendo NHL Stanley Cup Promotional Hockey Puck


Super Nintendo NHL Stanley Cup Promotional Hockey Stick


Super Nintendo NHL Stanley Cup Promotional Key Chain




Super Nintendo NHL Stanley Cup Promotional Wristwatch


Signs and Displays


Super Nintendo NHL Stanley Cup Corner Cabinet Display



Super Nintendo NHL Stanley Cup Hanging Display - NES M81H


Super Nintendo NHL Stanley Cup Pre-Production Plastic Sign - NES M32QN



Super Nintendo NHL Stanley Cup Plastic Sign 17" x 10.5" - NES M32QN



Super Nintendo NHL Stanley Cup Nylon Banner - NES M81HB



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