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My hello and introduction

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I wanted to say hello to everyone here, I am always happy to find a forum or group to share information back and forth with.

I have been a long time console gamer but got out of it for about 20 years - I was recently inspired to return with the introduction of things like the OSSC, Multicarts and SCART switchers.

So I have add some of my old favorites to my collection:

  • Sega Genesis
  • Sega Saturn
  • Sega Dreamcast
  • Nintendo NES and a Famicom AV unit
  • Neo Geo Consolized MVS
  • Nintendo Wii (not that I really care about the Wii, but for the GameCube backwards compatibility
  • PCEngine 

Each of the system is RGB modded if it was needed.  I can go into detail if requested.

Each one of the systems is then connected to a GSCART 5.2 auto-switcher that feeds the OSSC in auto scan mode, this outputs to an ASUS 24" Gaming Monitor and separate speakers.

It is all built into a custom built cabinet, with a false rear section to hide all the wiring - I am extremely proud of how it all turned out, the drawer at the bottom houses the controller for each system.

My most current obsession is the Nintendo Famicom Disk System as I think it was a really interesting and historical piece of Nintendo history.   You can see it in my rack below the Famicom A/V.





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