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Ted Playa

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On 6/24/2020 at 6:08 AM, Ted Playa said:

This weeks episode of Playas Guide covers Rare Gameboy games https://youtu.be/yAStFzXGbvQ

@Ted Playa, as i don't have a youtub account i will leave a comment here.

first off thank you for posting your video.  your review of the Rare Game Boy Games was Ok.

Suggestion for next Game Boy Game Review.

Use a title that is more Appropriate like "Rare Game Boy Games of North America" as there are 23+ regions to review. 

For 7+ minutes You only focus was on the expensive games. however thier are much rarer GB games that are not expensive.

Please don't regurgitated what is already out there, being more original will help get viewers. 

Everyone here are always willing to help with validating your data. Just ask...


Be the first to cover the real RARE Game Boy Games.

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