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Help wanted :arcade historians

8-bit guerilla

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A few months ago I acquired an old flat top deep taito cab that was converted to a cyber police ESWAT for whatever reason. Probably happened in the 90s when fighters and shmups were popular, and no one wanted to play crazy climber....

anyway, I want to do a full restoration and revert this cab back to a TAITO dedicated unit. 

 I’m finding it difficult to locate a good archive of TAITO through the ages to figure out exactly what years this older deeper flat top body style was around.

Cabinets like jungle hunt and jungle king,elevator action etc are easy to find parts and art sets for, but not for this body style. 

I’m wondering if anyone knows a good TAITO history reference they could refer me to. I just want to know which games were in these cabs to choose for my project. I know it’s just a stencil kit for these cabs, as opposed  to an adhesive style side art, but I want to match color with the appropriate games depending on what I choose. May just say fuck it and make it jungle king anyway, but that wouldn’t really be a restoration...😒




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6 hours ago, Sumez said:

I'm not historian, but this looks a lot like an Elevator Action cabinet to me. Maybe an option?

I think I decided to go with a Stratovox cab. One, it’s one of the first arcade games with voice sound if not THE first, 2 it has chrome T-mold, and 3 the bezel kicks ass!

i have confirmed it’s a stencil set and not a sticker, and boards can be cheap.

still trying to find out how many games went in these cabs. Confirmed 4...



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