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1000 users!


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Administrator · Posted

I've been sitting here all day, watching... Waiting... And it's happened! 

We just reached 1000 members and the VGS team couldn't be happier to have you all here with us. Out of the ashes has risen a Sage, and it's you guys that makes it happen. 

We're growing and changing things up to keep it fresh, and we hope you're all as excited as we are. 

Here's to the next thousand, and to you all. Cheers! 

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Administrator · Posted

That's the 15 banned members they don't tell you about!

Haha nah. There are a few accounts which were removed as spam, and a couple which I've manually merged into one. Also, a couple temp admin accounts which are deleted after use. The number in your profile is the ID held in the database, and so it continues to increment past those.

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