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Does anyone remember the adorable Chao from Sonic Adventure 2? Why were so many so mean to them? :(


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Does anyone remember the super cute Chao from Sonic Adventure 2 (Battle)?  Waaaay back in the day (2002-04 ish?) I was doing the two 'Adventure games on the GC (and somehow managed to get all emblems in both games...and it only took me 93 hours in SA2B; I still have the memory card saves!) and I just couldn't get over how CUTE the little Chao were!  Do any of you remember them and how neat it was the cute sounds and gestures they'd make and all the neat lessons they could learn here?

Demonstration of all the lessons like instruments, dances, singing and such they can learn: 



And these are all the toys they can win and play with and isn't is so cute how they smile and close their eyes when they use them?


I thought they were just the neatest most adorable of virtual pets (I wouldn't get a real pet, or dearly departed Tweetie Cat until 2010)!  But what really saddened me back in the day was why so many at GameFAQs at the time were so mean to them 😞  All anyone wanted to talk about seemingly is abusing/torturing Chao 😞  Play the above video as well as some of the other cute Chao videos out there and please help me understand why anyone could be so mean to such darling little creatures? 😞 

Now torturing Omochao on the other hand....hee hee...

Omochao: Press B button to lock on...

Me: Okay.... [x1]

Omochao: Release to fire a homing missile...

Me: Like this? *releases homing missile*

Omochao: Owie!!  I can't believe you did that to me!!

Me: I just did what you said to...

Omochao: Why would you do something like that?

Me: Did I do it right or not?


Me: *picks up and snuggles Omochao*

Omochao: Hey, stop it!  Let me go!

Me: Awww you're so cute * continues snuggling*

Omochao: What do you think you're doing!?

Me: But Chao love to be snuggled; isn't that what you said in the tutorial?

Omochao: Why don't you get yourself a teddy bear??

Me: Why don't you get yourself an attitude adjustment? 😛 


Wow; poor Omochao...


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