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[ENDED] FA: SFC / SNES set (Auction ends Wednesday, January 8th EST)


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Hi guys, thanks for viewing. Just for a few rules:

-Auction ends Wednesday, January 8th EST

-Payment to be made by PayPal

-Shipping is set at $50. If actual shipping is less, I'll reimburse the difference (if greater than $5), if actual shipping is higher, I'll cover the rest myself. This applies to anywhere worldwide, I'll send via registered mail with tracking.

-items ship from Taiwan

Starting bid: $50

High bidder: n/a


Okay, here's what we've got. I've been trying to clean the excess out of my apartment, these must go, and I cant be bothered trying to part them out.

The three machines all power on, yet all seem to have faults. Maybe the picture is rolling, or there is some static noise in the background, etc. The SFC has matching serial numbers, the box is garbage. I believe all three machines could be fixed to functioning normally, but I'm not an expert on this so I'll leave it to you!

I'll also include 21 loose carts. Last time bi checked, these were all working, but since I don't have my machine hooked up at the moment, they are being sold as is. You guys know me, and if they all arrive and there truly is a problem, then we can surely work something out.

The carts are a mix of legit Japanese versions, legit Taiwan versions (i.e. Japanese carts officially imported into Taiwan by Nintendo), convincing bootlegs, and obvious bootlegs. I don't have a bit to open these to confirm, but I think at least one of the Rockman 7 and also sonic wings are bootlegs. Any bootlegs in here were made back in the early to mid 90s, none of that modern repro crap.

I think there's more than enough good stuff here for either a gamer, or a collector who likes these types of games.

Questions? Please ask! 

Thanks for viewing and good luck!





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