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What's new in your collection/Pick-up Thread !!!


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1 hour ago, Tanooki said:

@Aguy where do you get that?  That looks like it would be a fun magazine to read, but I'm guessing it's long out of print?  I used to read a website with the same name (I think) but it was UK based.

I've just been getting them off eBay. Most are listed pretty high ($20+ each) so usually have to throw out best offers, which makes it slow work. This was the EGM version of NPA. The first issue was Summer/Fall '99 and billed as the unofficial GBC magazine. It made it to the DS/PSP era, but I'm not sure exactly when it ended.

There are some archived here: https://archive.org/search.php?query=subject%3A"pocket+games"

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So like I found this along with an old metallic looking handheld Connect 4 and this old 80s pvc koolaid man for $3 over the weekend off a random garage sale.  I think I did well.  Bug for Pocket Arcade/Sega-Tiger handheld seems to be semi-uncommon and strangely seems to be a pretty busy and potentially good LCD game.  It needs a manual, can't quite figure it out so far but seems to play well enough.  Move and spit/shoot in any direction, can refill your shots, pick up some stuffs, and take out targets that come along.  I can't figure out what I need to do/collect to clear a stage though, but seems fine, usual style platformer-ish game with 3 lives and a health bar.

Anyone ever own this know how it works?



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More Sega goodies this week. Finally found a decent copy of Phantasy Star at a decent price. Sadly, Wonder Boy is in pretty bad condition and needs art replaced. Jaguar is pretty darn rough, but the price was a steal, so I couldn't turn it down. Night Trap is really nice, so I was happy to find that one. Everything else is pretty solid.





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