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P.O.W. Prisoners of War NES Circuit Board curiosity


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I recently purchased the NES game P.O.W. and decided to open it up and clean it. I found stickers covering up the two biggest chips on the board. I took one of the stickers off to see if it was a eprom (it wasn't) and put it back on to take a picture.

I wonder does anyone else had this experience with a POW game?



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Hmm interesting. Someone posted on here when the site first started about some quirky chips in Donkey Kong. I think the explanation was that Nintendo’s service department had some surplus writable EPROMs that were normally used to flash arcade machines. They just used some of those to do a warranty repair on an NES cart.

Since this is POW I believe the publisher is SNK, so maybe this could be a repaired warranty cart that SNK worked on

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