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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - Anyone Looking Forward to This Game?


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The game comes out next month and is developed by Respawn Entertainment (Titanfall, Apex Legends, former co-founders of Infinity Ward- Call of Duty)

I want a good new Star Wars game so badly, and based on the developer and what I’ve seen, this might be it.

Is anyone else excited for this game?


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My excitement for the game has slowly ramped up over the past few weeks. There's always some hesitation because it's EA, but I love Respawn. While Apex Legends isn't my thing, Titanfall 2 is one of my favorite first person shooters ever, and was part of my recently newly discovered addiction - platinum trophies.

I hear it has some exploration and Souls-like elements, which is exciting to me. Again, there's always that looming fear any game from EA has. I can see them monetizing the heck out of that little droid that runs around with you - different skins, attachments, and the like.

If reviews are solid and the MTX isn't heinous, I'm in. Since it's not a multiplayer game, thankfully we don't have to worry about them adding loot boxes or season passes after launch... looking at you Black Ops 4.

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I think the post-ROTS, pre-ANH period is a really interesting time for a Jedi game honestly. We have the Rebels TV series (and Solo) but not much from that era and the Inquisitors were some of the cooler things introduced in that imo, so a game where you are being hunted down sounds great.


I'm excited for it. The Jedi Knight games are some of my all time favorites so I already got my pre-order locked in. A little worried about EA but as long as they aren't having the same guy that wrote the BF2 campaign story we are probably in the clear.

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I agree that the post-Clone Wars, Pre-ANH time is one of the more interesting periods. I love the idea of being a sole survivor of Order 66 - literally everything and everyone that holds power in even the slightest form is a threat to you. 

Again, like others have said, EA being the publisher is scary. But I love APEX Legends and Dark Souls, so I am willing to bite on the hype. Not gonna be a Day 1 purchaser, but if the reviews are average or better, I will probably end up buying this game.

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