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Nintendo Cereal Sytem flavors: Mario or Zelda


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  1. 1. Which was your favorite NCS flavor?

    • Mario for the flava!
    • Zelda is da best!

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Events Team · Posted

I was a big fan of the Nintendo Cereal System as a kid.  I was inspired by @98ViperGTS' thread showing off his uncut Cereal System box and got to waxing nostalgic.  NCS was the only cereal I can think of that came with two flavors (games) in the box.  I invariably ate the Zelda side first before moving on to the less desirable Mario flavor.  Which was your favorite?


Check out 98ViperGTS' thread: 


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Honestly, I can't recall what Zelda tasted like for the life of me but generally remember the Mario side being kind of sweet and fruity smelling (maybe something akin to Smurfs cereal from the really early 80s), so I went with that.  I recall that I really liked them both, but couldn't tell you for the life of me at this point which I ate first or enjoyed more, most likely because I only managed to find it and get a box 2-3 times at most.  Given that a lot of the formula stuff for this is simply archived by the manufacturer, I'm surprised that they've never come out with it again, even if the presentation was different (and not tied to Nintendo).  Hell, General Mills popped out Fruit Brute for the first time since like the 60s or 70s a few years ago, so it seems hard to imagine that whoever did the Nintendo Cereal System couldn't cough up a taste-a-like lickety split.

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i was too young to experience this cereal  so i cant tell you.  but from what ive heard it was like cheap fruit loops or something like that. however that didnt stop me from getting an unopened box of the cereal as a collectors item lol.  i wish i could have experience it though. 

but at this point 31 year old mushroom shaped cereal would taste like s*** and wont even get me high!




totally stole that from mad mad mario 😛


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