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"Your 2019 Nintendo year in review is here." ~ Just got this email. Post your stats (yo)!


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Most played Switch games:

Final Fantasy IX, DQ Builders, and Collection of Mana. (I guess I like RPGs!)

How many hours spent on the Switch in 2019:


Total Switch Games Played:


Busiest Day Playing the Switch:

June 15th

Busiest Month:


Gold Points Earned:


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It felt like I was being e-stalked by Nintendo for a minute there but all in all looked kinda neat, my stats aren't as high as most of all you others thus why I thought it may be fun to compare (if you haven't gotten one they send it by e-mail not sure if this is in connection with having their online services or not as this was the first time I ever seen this personally) 





Pretty sad stats really seeing I am near 200 switch games and not played half of them apparently lol, ah well we shall see now 2020 goes I suppose. 

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  • The title was changed to "Your 2019 Nintendo year in review is here." ~ Just got this email. Post your stats (yo)!
1 hour ago, zombiemicrowave said:

74 hours

Smash Bros.

NES Station

Mario Odyssey

My 2 year old loves to watch me play Mario and became a big fan this year. 



It was the exact same way with my son too. He has since migrated to wanting to watch Super Smash Bros. Good stuff...

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10 hours ago, Secret Santa said:

24 hours logged on 10 games.

Most played were Tetris 99, Wheel of Fortune, and Nintendo Online (probably Tecmo Bowl)

Played 7 hours in February and 14 in July, and I don't think I've turned the thing on in a few months now.

I had no clue Santa had time to game during the year! It's a lot of work managing elves build toys for hundreds of millions of kiddos.

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