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Space Soviets (NES)


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Here's the game I'm coding right now. It's about a sleeper Soviet cell resurrecting the USSR in space in the year 205X.

It's gonna have a few demoscene effects and it will be fairly big (24 platforming levels + a few secrets, procedurally generated top down levels and rail shooting segments in space). I'll add a few pics to show you what I mean!




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8 hours ago, Vectrex28 said:

Nice! I'll keep posting updates on the Twitters but I'll make sure to update this thread as well once I get close to a release

Please do. I am not on twitter but am looking forward to this, so it will be great to be able to follow your progress

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Homebrew TeamPosted
40 minutes ago, epiclotus said:

That looks like a lot of fun.聽 Sorry for the noob question, but what is procedurally generated mean?

Pretty much that each time you play, the programming makes levels unique, instead of pre-planned entities.聽 Think the dungeons in the Diablo franchise.

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On 10/29/2019 at 5:21 AM, Alder said:

Looks great, vec. So does the game switch between a space shooter and platformer? I've always wanted to make something like that. Super Star Force on the Famicom did something similar. Keep up the good work 馃檪

There's gonna be 3D rail shooter segments, top down segments and platformer segments. I love multigenre games 馃槢

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