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WTB N64 manuals


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My main buying focus at the moment is to complete my N64 manual set.  I already have around half of them, yet still need many!  Even though it's my main buying focus, I am in no rush.  I am looking for very good/near mint manuals but if I buy many at once, I don't mind a few being so-so.  Here is a complete list of what manuals I still need:

all star tennis 99
automobil lamborghini
asteroids 64
aero gauge
bottom of the 9th
bomberman 64 the second attack
bust a move 99
blues brothers 2000
battle zone
big mountain 2000
castlevania legacy of darkness
charlie blast's territory
carmageddon 64
clayfighter: SC (must be a very good condition or better manual)
clayfighter 63 1/3
chopper attack
chameleon twist 2
cyber tiger
deadly arts
duck dodgers starring DD
dual heroes
elmo's number journey 
elmo's letter adventure
fox sports college hoops 99
flying dragon
fighting force 64
fighters destiny 2
fifa 99
fifa 98
gex 3
goemon's great adventure
hot wheels turbo racing
hydro thunder
harvest moon 64
iggys reckin balls
indiana jones and the infernal machine
international superstar soccer 64
international superstar soccer 98
international superstar soccer 2000
international track and field 2000
indy racing 2000
knife edge: nosegunner 
ken griffey Jr. slugfest
lode runner 3d
monaco grand prix
mario tennis
midway's greatest arcade hits vol. 1
mystical ninja starring geomon
ms. pac-man
nba jam 2000
nhl breakaway 98 
nhl 99
nba in the zone 2000
nhl blades of steel 99
ogre battle 64
olympic hockey 98
powerpuff girls chemical x-traction
penny racers
polaris snowcross
pga european tour
power rangers rescue
rat attack
rally challenge 2000
rocket robots on wheels
razor scooter
road rash
shadowgate 64 trial of the four towers
stunt racer 
star soldier vanishing earth
starcraft 64
super bowling
south park chef's luv shack
starshot space circus fever
scooby-doo classic creep capers
transformers beast wars
twisted edge extreme snowboarding
top gear hyper-bike
tony hawks pro skater 3
top gear rally 2
tigger's honey hunt
virtual chess 64
v rally 99
virtual pool
world cup 98
wheel of fortune

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