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[FO] Vintage Nintendo Christmas Store Display Sign


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For offer

Vintage Nintendo Christmas Mario Store Display Sign.

Height: ~18 inches
Width: ~14.5 inches

Sturdy cardboard

Very nice. Very few marks and no bends. Notice that the area between the hat and the hands is still unpunched.

Sensible offers will be considered.

Sure, we can trade. I'm looking for Game & Watch games. They have to be boxed. Feel free to send me a picture of any G&W's you might have.

I can ship worldwide


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@B.A. No date on it. Based on the fact, that this sign was used before the Gameboy, its older than 1989. Looking at how Mario's portrayed, I don't know what's the earliest point he was portrayed like this, I'd guess it was for the 1986 Mario Game & Watch Crystal Screen release. Earlier stuff than that, the art is normally either pixel or with a more Jumpman look feel. (Correct me if I'm wrong, any earlier games where he looks like this?) 

So my best guess so far is between 1986 and 1989

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