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Amateur Video Game History Buff

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Greetings everyone,

I've had a strong interest in the history of the video game industry for some years now, accentuated by the fact that for several years I worked at a retro game shop and was lucky enough to come into contact with some of the more interesting and strange pieces of video game history. While never a member, I was a frequent lurker on Nintendo Age while it was still around. Although never able to afford to collect in any serious capacity, I nevertheless found it interesting to read about all the unique finds and info that sprung up on the forums. So once I heard it was effectively being shut down and this site basically took it place, decided to come officially join. For the record I only collect for the PS4 right now, though some day I want to collect SNES again, as it's probably my favorite retro system of all time. 

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12 minutes ago, a3quit4s said:

Hi! Doesn’t take a lot of money to collect, more like the will/discipline to only buy what you can afford. You can probably get 3-4 decent games for the SNES for the $60 price of a PS4 game!

Sure, though I rarely buy PS4 games at that price. I only got a PS4 this year, so I have saved money and expanded my collection quickly by picking up extremely cheap games years after they released as well as indies, which tend to be cheap. The issue for me is I had to replace my car last year after my previous one kicked the bucket, so I had to liquidate my small SNES collection. 

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14 hours ago, JamesRobot said:

Welcome to the community! Do you have any memorabilia from your time at the game store? 

I don't, at least not from the one I used to work at. It was a small family-owned business, not a big retailer. But I do currently work seasonal for Game Stop and have some pins from a few releases as well as the FF VII shirt given to us this year, though I am giving that to a friend of mine for Christmas. 

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