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Neo Geo Mini International - Deep Sale ($50 vs $120) - Deal ended 12/2 sorry


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I'm not sure if this rolls over tonight, tomorrow, but it has to be soon.  I never felt for the issues and holes in the library it had (between the Japan model I think to sell to collectors twice) it was worth $120.  Currently newegg is selling it for just $50 and with shipping starting at 1.99, that's it.

Act now, not sure how long this lasts:  https://www.newegg.com/p/N82E16868180002


I looked around and unless I missed it, I did not see a location for people to post crazy sales, if there is, feel free to move it.

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It arrive today.  I have to admit I'm impressed.  My best guess is that the dumping on it you see online is mostly from nose in the air stuck up neo geo original hardware fans.  The joystick that gets ripped on for not clicking, it works fantastic and it's nice and quiet.  The screen quality is great, the speakers are both clear and loud (had to 50% my audio) and the control just works nicely in the various genres.  I've yet to get a controller or pop it into the TV (I have a cable that should work on my HDMI modded N64) but so far it's good device.

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