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Any mahjong players?


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I've been exploring Japanese video games and there are a ton of Mahjong games! (Not "Mahjong solitaire" where you match tiles and try to clear the pile.) I've never seen a mahjong game get a North American release (or pachinko or shogi, I guess) but I feel like it's time to finally learn how to play. Anyone already play?

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I've yet to pick up such a game, but I had the same questions over a year ago.

Apparently there is a multi-game Switch title that has Mahjong and it also has tutorials! Maybe I should look into picking up a copy of that now.  I hope it's cheap...


Nope! According to eBay, if I want a complete copy, I've got to drop about $30.  I mean, that's not bad, but for something that's the equivalent of one of those cheap "10-in-1" wooden game packs you can get at Target for $20 with Checkers/Chess/Chinese Checkers, etc... $30 is expensive.

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I think the two player version is included on the Genesis version of Shanghai 2. Or at least something vs mode with Mahjong tiles. No idea what I was doing, I was just clicking around randomly until an animation popped up with my knight character slaying the dragon. I guess that means I'm good? For ref:



Scroll ahead to Dragon's eye gameplay. Is this mahjong? No clue!

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