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FO: Aftermarket Doubles (Homebrews, Repros, LEs)

Ferris Bueller

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It's time to start trading/selling/letting go of my doubles. I've been sitting on them for too long, only because I've been busy with life. Recently I've had a few people reach out, wanting to know what I had, and I was in the process of finishing the updates on the gameroom, so I kind of organized them for these pictures.. 

If you see something you'd like, make an offer. Check out my WTB thread if you'd like to trade. 














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20 hours ago, CT said:

I may be interested in one of the Tecmo Super Bowls, trying to figure out which one I would want. Love that they have updated rosters. TBD

There used to a website and forum for the Tecmo guys and they would do updated rosters every year. The carts they started making I was told in 2010 and lasted until I think about 2018? I'd have to check my shelf. They were usually really small runs up to I think 2015 and pretty niche, so if I see originals I try to pick them up. For a couple years, quality improved and they were doing carts and boxes, not sure about manuals, I don't think those were included, that's where you get the Gold version, which I think was probably somewhere around 2017-2018.

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