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FS: Taiwanese Diddy Kong Racing CIB (N64), Boxed Batman (Sega MD), others


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I got some nice pieces that I thought I'd list here on VGS, as I think someone might be interested in them. As with everything in life, everything is negotiable, so please send me a message if you like something. Thanks!


#1. Diddy Kong Racing (N64, CIB) (Taiwanese version):  $100

There's some wear on this set, you can see a small whole in the one controller insert, there's also a sticker on the box. No mold smell despite the couple of spots seen on the inside of the box. While this item is not mint, it looks in collectable condition for these kinds of games, given the climate here and from my experience of how these items usually show up. This one was purchased directly from a store, I am the original owner. Technically this is more or less "new".


#2. Batman (Sega Mega Drive, boxed): $40

Fun game, this set includes the box and cartridge, sadly the manual is missing. The top of the label is peeling off, though this could easily be repaired. I got this game as "new" too, from the same shop as the N64 game above.


$3. Sichuan Mahjong (Sega Mega Drive, CIB): $95

Tile matching game for the Sega. It's an 18+ game, and there's a lot of nude pics in the instruction manual too. Once again, bought as "new" and I am the first owner aside from the shopkeeper.


#4: Super Mario 2 1998 (Sega Mega Drive, boxed): $100

Rare original Mario game for the Sega Mega Drive. This one never came with an instruction manual, so this set is complete. Bought new from the same shop as the others.


#5: Dudes with Attitude (Pre-Order): $49.95

ITG-Soft paid to obtain rights to do a Famicom release of the cult classic NES game Dudes with Attitude. I'm just waiting for components to arrive, hence this being a pre-order, but these will ship in August. Pre-order folks receive an exclusive strategy guide too, which won't be available elsewhere.









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