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80 years ago -- The most tragic disaster in circus history: Hartford Circus Fire


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I don't know if this would actually interest anyone here but I've found it quite interesting, fascinating, and most of all, very sad and tragic.  Emmitt Kelly, the greatest clown of that era (and I think for a time was also the mascot, so to speak, of the Brooklyn Dodgers) and perhaps any era (sorry Bozo) was there at the time helping to put out the fire and (I don't know if this is really true or legend) Emmitt is said to have since then included a single tear drop as part of his clown makeup to mark the tragedy.



Can you imagine how beyond scary that would've been if you were trapped inside that tent?  Granted big tops (the main circus tent) were already being phased out at the time anyway but this is all the more reason circuses since then (well if they still have them anymore) were typically held at the local b-ball arena.

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