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Mario Kart Wii "Refurbished Product" Label

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Where are the Wii collectors at?

Trying to find some info on this copy of Mario Kart. Outer art is authentic but is labeled as "Refurbished Product" The disc appears to be a standard release, with no additional labeling.

VGPC has a copy sold in 2021, but no other information.

Why label the case and nothing else? Seems like a lot of work on Nintendo's end.

Any input is appreciated!


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If memory recalls, it's exactly as it says. It's an official product refurbished by Nintendo. No clue as to the actual market or scarcity to these, but I've definitely seen that label pop up from time to time on wii games.

As to why label the case and nothing else, I can't tell you. Perhaps they were just testing the market on refurbing games as an income generator and never fot that far? I've personally never held one in my hands to be able to verify if any other disk has a refurbished label or not.

Hope this helps and good luck!

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