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eBay US broken again? No more international shipping

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I was listing a few items, and all of a sudden the listing tool changed to what seems to be the latest updated version.

It has absolutely no option for shipping to places other than locally (US) and Canada.

In the old listing tool I was able to set a price for specific countries around the world.

eBay is like the diarrhea that keeps spraying at you, and you wonder how much can possibily be left inside its bowels before nothing remains and you gotta go sell elsewhere for good.


Anyone noticed this or just me because I use eBay US but from outside the US?



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And you guys dont have to go through payoneer which handles payments for smaller countries. They take an additional 1$ fee for all payments under 100$ and bank deposits have a percentage fee. Thats on top of ebay taking 15% on final price INCLUDING shipping.

Thats like 20% gone.

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The International Shipping Program (ISP), formerly the Global Shipping Program, is eBay's built-in re-shipping service.  Full disclosure, I love the ISP, because once your sold item gets to the distribution center, it's considered a completed sale, and it's completely out of your hands for international shipping. I feel much safer using the ISP, so I don't have international issues with incomplete delivery. 

However, eBay charges through the ass for their ISP. I had a policy of free shipping for every item domestically, so I'd sometimes get confusing messages from international buyers asking why my shipping was insanely high. I'm guessing eBay was sick of sellers not letting them gouge those international customers and missing out on that sweet ISP cheddar, so they force all international sales to go through the ISP. Why let you set a reasonable $20 for international shipping when they could charge $47?

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i don't see what that program is doing except for killing international sales. i see ebay as a wounded, grounded brontosaurus, but there's so much meat that it will keep breathing for a long while.

though international shipping has never stopped increasing, ebay or not, since the mid-2000s at least. that's the time where many european countries privatised their postal services under pressure from those fuckers who think they are the rulers of the mystical beast called european union.

then you can look into the upu (universal postal union) to better understand why all postal services work like a criminal cartel and charge criminal prices all over the world.

every time there's a way the little man can make some profit, something happens to suck that profit, either a tax, or some increased cost, or both.

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In my listings, I always say that if shipping is killing you to just make an offer. I accept offers way under asking for international buyers all the time. I just sold a 5 disc DVD player for $60 free shipping instead of $100 free shipping bc they were in Canada. Fuck it. I accepted $100 off a puzzle LE puzzle lot bc the buyer was in Australia. You gotta help out collectors in different regions. In that regard, I think it's good as long as, as a seller, you're not part of the problem. 

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