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Nintendo Red Tent Arcade ( not mine )

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This is an all original red tent from Nintendo. In good condition and everything works except 1 monitor. I have original monitor but needs a cap kit and a new fly back. These are very hard to find monitors so having the original is a good thing, just need to repair. Other than that everything works on both sides. Currently has Wrecking Crew on both sides. So you can play against the other player or 2 separate people playing separate games same time. Rare collectible for any video game enthusiast or 80s fan. Cash only in person, and pickup only. Thanks for looking.

The Nintendo VS. System[a] is an arcade system that was developed and produced by Nintendo. It is based on most of the same hardware as the Family Computer (Famicom), later released as the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). As Nintendo was planning to release the NES in North America, they were aware of the video game crash of 1983 and its effects on the home console market. However by March 1984 the arcade industry recovered enough for a plan to introduce NES titles there, with the VS. System later being a presentation to players who did not yet own the console. It became the first version of the Famicom hardware to debut in North America.
Most of its games are conversions from the Famicom and NES, some heavily altered for the arcade format, and some debuted on the VS. System before being released on the Famicom or NES. The system focuses on two-player cooperative play. It was released in three different configurations: upright VS. UniSystem cabinets, upright VS. DualSystem cabinets, and sit-down VS. DualSystem cabinets. Games are on pluggable circuit boards, allowing for each side to have a different game.
The VS. System did not have lasting popularity in Japan, leading to Nintendo's departure from arcade game development. In contrast, it was a commercial success in the United States, with about 100,000 arcade cabinets sold, becoming the highest-grossing arcade machine of 1985. The system's success in arcades proved the market for the test release of the NES in North America in 1985. The final VS. System game was released in 1990. Mancave retirement party arcade billiards room basement family fun graduation celebration Pacman donkey Kong gyruss mario space invaders tron Star Wars



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Red tents are awesome, I'd love to have one. $1800 is a bit steep though considering one monitor is out to me though.

One thing to consider is that the XM1801 monitors used in the red tent have a bit of a reputation for being a pain. They aren't the most common if you need to replace the whole thing. They also have a nasty habbit of shorting out windings on the yoke. That said, the yoke can supposedly be swapped with a skinny neck K7000 yoke.

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