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Powerpak availability

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Hey all,

Seems like RetroUSB was the last company to sell Powerpaks commercially and their website is dead. I checked on Ebay and there are no listings for regular Powerpaks, just some crazy expensive listings for variants. Seems like they come up for sale a couple times a month though.

Is there anywhere to pick one of these up, other than saved search on ebay? Are they still produced anymore?

Asking for a friend who may have just borked his by dropping it...now it's just showing a red screen.

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RetroUSB is the only retailer that sold PowerPaks, Brian made them.

And you're right, the website is doing weird things, that's strange. I wonder if he was hacked.

Try getting an Everdrive, I think they're being produced again now that Ukraine is settling down a bit.

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