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HELP me finish my CIB N64 Set


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Hey everyone, 

Finally attempting to finish the CIB N64 set and need a little help. eBay just isn’t my cup of tea as I don’t have time to search and search for the last pieces I need. I don’t have many rare items left tbh. I prefer not to piece anything together unless I ask for the items specifically. Anyway, please let me know if you have any items on my list. 

I’m a bit peculiar about condition and would only take things in Near Mint to Mint condition. Also, prefer 100% complete for all games. Meaning I would only prefer it comes with all original content that the game came with. i.e. poster, reg. card, insert, etc… 

I have tons of extra stuff to trade as well. From NES to WiiU to Xbox. 

Blues Brothers - CIB

California Speed - Box

Deadly Arts - CIB (Pending)

Disney’s Tarzan - Manual

Fifa Road to World Cup 98 - CIB

Indy Racing 2000 - Manual

Knife Edge Nose Gunner - CIB

New Tetris - CIB

Polaris Snocross - Manual

Rally Challenge 2000 - Manual

Revolt - CIB

Roadsters - Cartridge

Tetrisphere - Box or CIB

Top Gear Overdrive - CIB 

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