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Amazon Wireless N64 controller mini review

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For the last few months I've had an itch to play Diddy Kong Racing ever since it went up as a @Reed Rothchild sponsored game debate. Unfortunately it is just not comfortable to play with wired controllers in my living room,(Not to mention, life as a single parent causes serious clutter. Especially when kids get at the game setup). I've had my eye on these bad boys on Amazon and finally decided to pull the trigger. 


Some of these Chinese products have actually been pretty good for me, so I thought it worth a try. Since there is no quality nintendo brand of wireless N64 controller such as, I need to go with this. It syncs very easily with a dongle that plugs into the controller slot. There is a memory card slot and rumble is included and works as it should with a switch to choose between the two.


Im cerainly not running wires around my unfolded laundry...

There is also a USB dongle to sync to a laptop, raspberry pi device, or nintendo switch. I've only tried on my dusty N64 which N64 worked great! 


The feel and size of the controller is about the same as a nintendo branded controller. The build quality feels very good with a tight stick and good button presses. It's a bit heavy and awkward to hold, but so was the original N64 one!

As far as performance goes, I am hardly an expert to rely on. I am running my N64 through the AV output into a standard HDMI TV using OEM cables. I am happy to say that my itch has been satisfied!



I do notice a tiny bit of input lag. I'm unsure if it is from the AV connection with an HDTV or the controller itself. It's not so bad that I couldn't adjust quickly to breeze my way through the first set of races and defeat the first boss. The real test will be the silver coin challenge when I get to it!

I will say that for the most part, playing N64 games would be best with the N64 controller that goes with the online service or just a pro controller. But not all games, like DKR, are available to play this way. Finding a comfortable way to play it in my living room is my only option, and I am happy to say that this $37 controller fits that mold. Now if No Mercy and Cruisn USA work well, I may just find myself working on my N64 collection and exploring that library beyond the scope of what's included in the online service! If you are okay with a stretched out AR that would come with running original hardware through a modern TV, I'd say go for this controller. 

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