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The Florida collection. Established. Clout. Pedigree. Recognized.

docile tapeworm

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9 hours ago, guillavoie said:

Man you need to send all those SMB/Duck Hunt carts under the Florida Collection, you'll make a killing on Heritage Auctions!

Good luck with the sale pal!

Somebody already beat him to it! https://www.ebay.com/itm/WATA-Certified-6-5-Super-Mario-Bros-Cartridge-NES-1985/333449169702?epid=4444&hash=item4da31e8b26:g:Y9gAAOSw9sheABoR

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4 hours ago, Bearcat-Doug said:

Wow my original from 85 is in better shape than that one and the manual is fantastic too.  I could make thousands!!

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