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Force Bot - New NES homebrew


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Update for Force Bot.

I decided to expand the game by adding more levels and revamping all of the current levels that exist. Over the last few months the game has gotten a heck of a lot cooler and has exceeded my own expectations. When you are designing levels, inevitably you get better over time and so now I'm looking back at some of my older levels and purging them and replacing them with better versions. The final result will be awesome.




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So far these are the colors that I'm planning on having for the full and final game.


The plan is to have around 200 levels. I'm currently at around 150 levels done, so that means I only have around 50 more levels to make and then this aspect of the game is more of less done.

Hopefully the game will be finished around spring 2021 or summer 2021.

It's like a sokoban game, but with new and/or different game play mechanics.


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The other color combinations are fine, but the bottom middle has bad contrast between bg and other elements. Try using a darker color than the current blue bg, or changing both. The bottom left has similar bad contrast, but the color choice is different enough it doesn't affect my eyes the same way.

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Okay guys, there it is. After 3 years of working on the game, its finished and here is the Kickstarter Pre-Launch page. I honestly don't believe it. I sunk probably thousands of hours into this project so finally I can cross this off my bucket list.

When I was growing up, it was the late 80's and everyone had an NES. All my friends had it. It was the first gaming console I ever played and owned and I've basically been playing it my whole life. So when I had the opportunity to make a game, it was a dream come true.

Force Bot was a very challenging game to make. There were lots of limitations with the engine I was using. The levels were only 8x8 in size (64 tile playing field), this is pretty small, and only a handful of assets, but through shear will power I made it happen and the game turned out AWESOME!

So come follow the project and check it out. You might think, oh this is just some cheesy block pushing game, but its not. It's probably the best and coolest block pushing puzzle game on the NES period.

I made the levels simple and logical so that you are always solving mini puzzles and such. And I switch up the game play and add in new mechanics as the game progresses. It's very easy to get into, pick up and play mindset that everyone can understand. Overall the game has a lot of charm and makes you want to beat every level.

Again, come follow the project and check it out. It's an instant classic on the NES and a great addition to the library of the NES console.



Twitter KS update 11.png

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