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Building a Sega Neptune - Project


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I'll be documenting my progress here in the making of a Sega Neptune.


Here is the bottom of the system. I have relocated the capacitors so they won't be in the way of the 32x board. The Genesis board still fits in the bottom shell. The capacitors don't get in the way.


You can see that there is a lot more space to work with now. The cart slot has been cleanly removed.


I'm testing the length of wire for the cartridge slot extender. I am using a Cat 5e ethernet cord to source the wires.


Here is what the reverse looks like. I will be relocating those 3 black components to the bottom as well.


I've begun adding wires to the cartridge slot. I tinned the pins and stripped cables. I will be bending the wires underneath the cart slot.


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3 hours ago, SoleGoose said:

I bought a specific 3D printer just for this type of project. Haven't got around to it (and might never), but I'm curious to hear about your attempts as you go.

What would you use the 3d printer for? Recreating the neptune top shell? Or making a part? A neptune casing would be awesome.

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Ok this is so frustrating. I have the whole cart slot soldered in but it will not read carts. I get the boot up message and then a black screen. Sonic 1 doesn't even give the startup message. I have no clue what the problem is. Is the signal not transmitting through the wires? I'm using stranded 24 AWG wire. Should I use thicker or solid? I just dont know.




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Solid vs stranded wouldn’t matter there. Check continuity between the pins inside the slot where the cart actually contacts them, and the solder points on the board. If that’s good, check to make sure that you haven’t accidentally bridged any connections when soldering using a continuity tester as well

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