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Limited Run Games - Pop up Event


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Many if not all of you Switch collectors know about Limited Run Games and their unique way of bringing digital only game titles to physical cartridges and selling them complete in box for a good price but in limited quantities.

I received and email recently about an upcoming pop up even that wasn’t too far from me and it would have an assortment of games from their catalog of games. Obviously this sounded awesome and after today; I can confirm it was in fact awesome.

I just want to mention this was such a great idea they had and I really hope this happens again both near me and around he country. The turn out to this event was in the hundreds and I wouldn’t be surprised if it reached upwards of 700-800 folks. The whole LRG team was great by the way. Enough talk, here’s what I got this morning.










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Oh hey I was there too. I'm not in tune with LRG enough to know what weird expensive things to look out for, but I got Bloodstained, Celeste, Night Trap, and Revenge of the Bird King. I heard the people in front of the line got some crazy deals from the damaged goods section, lots of $13 stuff, etc. It was fun hanging out with people in line and seeing all the LRG games in one spot though.

Definitely saw lots of games that sell for a little more than MSRP. It would've been a dream for those resellers that scalp LRG games for $5 profit after shipping/fees.

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Yeah seeing the first few coming out with large packing boxes full of games made me feel like nothing was going to be left when I got in but the LRG folks had that store space filled!

I could have gotten 5-6 more games but wanted to stay within my means. With the turnout, I’m confident we’ll get to do this again.

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