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Choose 1 console per company


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Hey guys, title describes it. You can only have 1 console per company - a handheld can count, but no naming your other would-be choices, this is supposed to be hard! Mine would be..

Nintendo - SNES
Sega - Genesis
Sony - PS1
XBox - Original XBox (the only one I played)
Atari - I've never played an Atari console
NEC - I've never played an NEC conole

Any other companies with 2+ consoles to their name that I am not remembering/aware? I admittedly know very little prior to the NES.

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Is backwards compatibility allowed? Because that would make a huge case for certain consoles. If, however, backwards compatibility is not allowed, i.e. only games specific for that console, then my list would look like this:

Atari: 2600

NEC: Turbo Duo

Nintendo: SNES

Sega: Saturn

Sony: PS2

Microsoft: XBox 360

This would give me roughly one console per generation and would allow me to play all kinds of games, although there's quite a lack of portables. But home consoles usually had the more interesting titles anyway.

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With no backwards compatibility in mind :

Commodore - Commodore 64

Atari - Atari 2600

Nintendo - SNES

Sega - Genesis

Sony - PS1. Probably toughest so far, so many good games on ps1 and ps2. But ps1 has the greatest library of memories for me, RE2, BOF3, all the FFs, symphony of night, that ps2 cant touch.

Microsoft - Xbox 360 (this one was tough too, original xbox had some great games, but the gears series won me over lol)

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Atari - 7800 (it plays 2600 cartridges and has a few good games on its own)

Nintendo - Sharp Twin Famicom with an NES adapter and a fresh FDS belt (or maybe a modded Wii)

Sega - Saturn with the action replay

Sony - PS3 model with the most backwards compatibility

NEC/Hudson - PC-Engine Duo R

If you choose right, you can play outside of the original library



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Nintendo - Wii (by far the largest library of games, even if 90% are shovelware) 
Sega - Dreamcast (all the charm of the Saturn with twice the polish, about a dozen games I will never get sick of) 
Sony - PS2 (endless library of amazing games)
XBOX - 360 (clean, crisp, smooth console...XBOX One doesn't have the same level of fluidity in my eyes)
Additional Console - Hyperscan (just kidding)

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Nintendo - Switch (Some NES and SNES and a lot of other older games)
Sony - PS4 (lots of PS1,2 & 3 games on there as well)
Sega - Genesis
Xbox - Xbox One (OG Xbox and 360 BC)
Atari - Jaguar (don't ask why, I just don't like Atari)

Now without taking BC and downloadable titles into account, my answers would drastically change...

Nintendo - SNES
Sony - PS2
Sega - Genesis
Xbox - OG Xbox
Atari - Jaguar (still don't ask)

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If backwards compatibility is allowed to be a factor...

Nintendo - DS
Sega - Game Gear
Sony - PS2 
XBox - I'll pass.  Never been a fan.
Atari - 2600
NEC - Turbo Graphx 16, unless they made an all-in-one unit for Hue cards and there CD titles.

If backwards compat is against the spirit of the question, then drop the DS, replace it with the NES, and drop the PS2 and replace it with the PSX. I'll be honest enough to say that for the SONY games I love, 75% are PSX titles, and the other 25% are on the PS2, so if I had to sacrifice something... good by Kingdom Hearts, FF X and Dragon Quest 8. 😢

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Just now, Tanooki said:

You mean the Turbo Duo?  HuCards, CDs, SCDs, I think it can do arcade though you'll need the Arcade Card HuCard for that, the rest run native on the internal OS.

Maybe.  The NEC series of systems is one I know least about.  I picked up a TG16 at a great price a year or so ago and still haven't bought any games for it.  Only one I have is Keith Courage, like anyone else.  So, if there's an all-in-one (or most-in-one) unit, that's what I'd pick.

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Atari 2600

Magnavox Odyssey2

Mattel Intellivision

Nintendo Wiiu (really!)

Sony PS2

Xbox OG

Neo geo Pocket Color

Commodore 128

Trs80 CoCo3


Tiger: nope, can't do it

Sega CDX

Fairchild channel F system 2

Timex/Sinclair 2068

Those are the only multi-system companies in my collection (I think)


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Nintendo - SFC

It has almost all of the good NA releases save a few like Sunset Riders, but it also has access to many great Japan only releases like majyuuou, GS Mikami, the Firemen, etc.

NEC - Easily the PC Engine Duo.  no reason to choose anything else.

Sony - Backwards compatible PS3.  There aren't a ton of games from the PS4 era that I super care about.

Microsoft - PC I guess.  Is that cheating?  If its cheating then I choose an xbox one X

Sega - Genesis.  There are probably a ton of games on the Genesis that I would enjoy.

Atari - 7800.  It is backwards compatible.

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