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Do you buy to have or for collection


What are your Buying habbits for your collection.  

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  1. 1. What is importent to you as a buying collector.

    • Rearity
    • Condition
    • Price
  2. 2. Where do you buy mostly.

    • Ebay
    • Mercadolivre
    • tradera
    • todocoleccion
    • catawiki
    • local shops

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Good Day VGS,

              So today I was viewing the Listing on one of my search sites.  I just happened to come across a seller who just happens to have an item of interest.  The price in no way reflecting the condition and the items that should be in the CIB was not even close to being correct.  I had to ask myself the question do i buy this just to have in my collection knowing i will be over paying but a mile or take the hit and buy it for the collection.

What drives your Buying in the your active collection?

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2 hours ago, JVOSS said:

@portabello  Nostalgia as for playing or more from the window shopping?

Typically more for playing. In the past I have bought some titles purely for nostalgia (despite them being awful games)... I’m looking at you Toys for the SNES. I first and foremost will spend money on an item that’s nostalgic and care less about the price. If the item isn’t particularly one I’m fond of or grew up with, I’ll wait until I can snag a deal, despite it’s “rarity”.

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I usually just buy whatever interests me. I’m coming off a weird homebrew buying spree that started not too long ago. Before that it was having all the black box NES games. I feel like I’ll go back to trying to complete my N64 set shortly. 

I still never say no to a good deal though if its something I collect for. 

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I have a few local places,  one that I used to work at, one that the guy is a Craigslist flipper/terrible to deal with, one that's cool but usually doesn't have very good condition but good prices and people.

eBay for anything import or harder to find

Always looking for a good deal but I don't flip really so I will pass on condition a lot.

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I only buy locally, and almost only from thrift shops, garage sales, and flea markets.  Occasionally I'll take advantage of the gamestop BoGo deals, but I have a real aversion to paying retail prices.

As to the criteria question, I'd have to say it's price-rarity-condition in that order, but all 3 factor into any buying decision.

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