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Does anyone have a complete list of Nintendo developed and published titles? Early Arcade, to NES to Switch?


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I'm curious if anyone has compiled a complete list of North American Nintendo games.  Specifically, I'm not talking about third party titles made for Nintendo systems, I mean every game that Nintendo, the company, has made?

I am only interested in North American/US titles, but if it's a complete list with every known title release, with region details on the list, that would work.

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14 minutes ago, Tulpa said:

This including Game and Watch?

I'm not specifically interested in that and, technically, the Arcade titles either.  I'd just like to gauge and see how many I have and if it's worth going for all of them for console/PC.  Basically, I'd be interested in anything that's not an arcade unit or a weird one-off thing... or I guess the watches which would count, but a complete list could always be filtered on my end.

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Where do you draw the line though?

Internal dev teams like EAD or Nintendo R&D 1-4 (how far do they go? I think EAD is R&D4 right?)

Second party, wholly owned and partially owned subsidiary companies like HAL Laboratory, The Pokemon Company, Monolith, Creatures Inc.?

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