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Where my frozen II dads!

docile tapeworm

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I'd go, as I enjoyed the first movie and my wife is a huge fan, but my son has been kind of "meh" about sitting down to watch the first one and the baby doesn't sit through much at all.聽 There's always video, though!聽 (Or streaming...Disney+ to the rescue in 2-5 months!)

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I plan to go watch it.聽 I remember I watched the first one over a month after release.聽 The previews didn't make me interested but the comments from friends and reviews made me change my mind.聽 I did enjoy it, so I'm looking forward to this one.聽

By the way, I have a funny story while visiting Disney sometime last year.聽 A lady was with her daughter in the elevator and kept telling the girl to "let go" to no effect.聽 I think the girls was pulling on her dress.聽 I immediately turned to her and told her "No ma'am, you're saying it wrong.聽 We're in Disney.聽 Here you need to say let IT go!"聽 Needless to say, as I started talking she looked at me with a rather annoyed face but she couldn't help herself and crack up laughing when I delivered the punch line.聽 馃槈

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Never even seen the first one, but my twin nieces totally want to see it, so I will take them to see it along with some other family and friends. I mean, I've seen some scenes of the first one during quiet time at our daycare a few years back, but really never paid full attention to it. xD

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I want to take my daughter to it as she was too little for the first one.聽 Lately this year she's been in this crappy mood with cartoons thinking Toy Story 4 was boy garbage, but I ended up taking her and she was fine with it.聽 I've been priming her for Frozen 2 and I think it'll happen despite her saying she didn't like the first one anymore.聽 I hope I can make it happen, and letting her see the previews and notice that it's like more edgy, adult(?), darker I guess whatever you want to call it may help as I don't think she wants just a sappy cute sing along.

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Pretty good for a sequel.

ive seen the first one probably 50+ times.聽

I didn鈥檛 fall asleep.聽
Christophe is the man.聽
ive always thought Elsa was kinda whiny and woe is me buuuuuut can鈥檛 help but root for her. And she had me fist pumping.

anna is under appreciated.

just when you think you鈥檝e had enough of Olaf he makes you laugh again.聽

sven. I like him.聽

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