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Wata Crossover Article Finally Up!


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A lot of people had been asking me for this, and it originally kicked off with a thread on NA.  I had been pushing for the analysis to get out before the HA listings completed and here it is.


Cliff notes for the lazy, these are the rough rule of thumb "sweet spots" for average crossovers within a grade.  Any specific game may fall outside of that range though.

80 -> 8.5 / B+ to 9.2 / A
80+ -> 9.0 / A to 9.4 / A+
85 -> 9.0 / A to 9.6 / A+
85+ -> 9.2 / A to 9.6 / A++
90 -> 9.4 / A+ to 9.8 / A++

If you love talking data or do more advanced analysis, I encourage you to read the article.  Share any thoughts here and I'd be glad to answer any questions.


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9.4 -> 85/85+

9.2 -> 85/80+

9.0 -> 80+/80
8.5 -> 80/75

Edit: Seems I'm way off and in a different direction. You've even taken seal ratings into account. Very nice work Jonas. I'm gonna read the entire article now 😛

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Well you summed it up well at the end and I was thinking the same thing after looking at the data. Lack of consistency with no fixed pattern. Comparing these 2 populations against each other is interesting. I use Minitab at work and wonder if there are some analysis programs to run the raw data through to get a p-value. 

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1 hour ago, DefaultGen said:

Great article. Good to see there's a clear trend and it isn't random. RIP to that VGA 85 that crossed over to a Wata 7.0 / A. Ouch.

Your first chart has a typo of = where 9.0 should be I think FYI.

I see that, that's the Wata editor goof!  It looks good on the version I submitted 😉

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Very nice analysis Jone. About a 10 percentage inflation like many sumised. Cardboard will likely differ from jewelcase but it looks like VGA 85+ and 90 top out at Wata 9.6 and 9.8, which means it would make no sense to crossover VGA 90+ or higher as they will likely be normalized to Wata 9.8, with a slim to no chance of Wata 100. VGA appears to literally go beyond the Wata scale for granularity, which I personally dig.

TLDR: Interesting to see the numbers.

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