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If Video Game Sage was a person, what would his personality be?


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I know this site is still pretty new, but the community isn't. How would you guys describe the personality of the community and just the vibes in general? The idea here is that the VG Sage represents our whole community, so what does that mean? Is he wise? Humorous? Frugal? Mischeivious? You can use whatever personality traits you want, that you feel describe us as a whole. Or you can think about what you hope this community will become, perhaps think about some things that NA could've improved on and use that as a guide for the traits you'd like to see going forward.

The more responses the better, I am planning on using this input for my entry in the logo design contest. But also I think this is a great way for us to reflect on the community we've all been a part of and helped build. Looking forward to your responses!


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19 hours ago, m308gunner said:

Good. We need more submissions.

An old soul in a young body. 

Also, wise, but impish.

Kind, yet firm.

A dash of slovenly behavior, a hint of class, and a healthy dose of fun-loving cheer.

Like a hotdog wrapped in a croissant with a dollop of creme fraiche.


Great answer! 

Anybody else? Was hoping for at least a couple serious answers 😁

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