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For Offer: Random Items Nintendo - Mostly Manuals, Some Homebrew


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Items are For offer, until a later date at which point I might be able to research prices.  Let me know if you have any questions.

PM if you need account names for other websites, for feedback history.  Ebay (currently active), Nintendoage (active from '10), Gametradezone/KLOV/Cheapassgamer (Don't even remember my account names, but was very active with 100% positive feedback until 2016ish) - Well over 600 feedback combined, not counting multiple transactions with the same member which didn't usually get recorded.  I'm sure I can get some of the VideoGameSage regulars to vouch for me.

I have pictures for everything, so if you'd like to see them please send me a PM.  Just let me know what items you are interested in, and an email address to send the pictures to.

A few items may have been listed on Ebay, although I am trying to keep Ebay and VideoGameSage items listed separately.  Any cross listed items, was probably an accident.


For Offer:



System Flaw - Used - It was resealed by Toys R Us, bought it in a value bin due to it being one of only a few DSi games.  Complete your set today!



First Party Nintendo Track Pad - Untested - Looks Pretty Clean - if I remember correctly the plastic is splitting on a seam.

Armed For Battle – Complete in Box CIB (New never used)

Chuck Yeagers Fighter Combat – Complete In Box

Cornball Cocksuckers - Cart Only - Nice Shape

Fighting Simulator – Complete In Box (New, opened to look at, never played)

Homebrew World Championships 2012 Edition – Complete in Box - Numbered Version

Nomolos Storming the Catsle – Complete in Box CIB (New never used)

Summer Carnival 92 Complete in Box CIB Reproduction

War on Wheels – Complete in Box - Like New – I may have opened and played once, maybe not. Its really nice. #32

Slappin Bitches - Cart Only - Bought While Over on NA - New Never Used Great Shape - Numbered

Bust a Nut - CIB - Same as Above - Numbered

The Grind - CIB - Same as Above - Numbered

El Destructor - Gluk Game - Cart Only

El Bloque Magico - Gluk Game - Cart Only


Ice Climber Box Only – Nintendo punched hang tab, sticker sealed, physical damage from squishing.



BS Zelda - Cart Only - Homebrew Reproduction Made by a guy on NA - Couldn't tell you much about it.  Painted gold, looks nice.  I can't remember if I played through the entire game or not on the cartridge, as I had played it on a rom much earlier.
Targa - Complete in Box like New - Famicom - Got over on NA
Whirlo - Loose Cart - Great Shape - Numbered for a release on NA

Exertainment Home Excercise Bicycle - (Not the gym version) - Rather Large Probably not willing to ship this. - Could Include extras like the not extra game, might have a manual, etc.


Game Boy

Jurassic Park Cartridge Only


Donkey Konga Box Only - Big Box Only - No game or Bongos - Currently Folded FLast, looks to be in good shape.  Corners are nice, but a bit of wear, where there was once a sticker.  Some marks around a few of the edges.


Magnavox Odyssey 2

Speedway/Spin out/CryptoLogic - Cart Only - Typical Condition for Cart Only



(I know this type of stuff isn't that desirable, this list kinda just reflects everything available.  I might be able to find the game discs for those below.)

Blizzard Game Set - Diablo 2 Discs inc. Lord of Destruction, Lord of Destruction Box, Diablo 3 CIB, Starcraft 2 w/ Expansion Discs and Case (no Box, but has small players guides), Burning Crusade Box/Cds

Empty Boxes - Orange Box, Unreal Tournament 2004, Serious Sam Gold, Star Wars the Old Republic MMO, Warhammer Age of Reckoning MMO


Amazing Virtual Sea Monkeys - CIB great shape besides the jewel case which has typical wear and a crack

Blood Omen Legacy of Kain - CIB - Rough - Discs has rough scratches, it did play though. Manaul has wear, possible water damage as it's kinda crinkly, possibly not water just used.

Dragonball GT Final Bout - Bandai Version - CIB - Nice Case, Manual has a few creases and rough edges.  Disc has medium usage/scratches.  Not as bad as the other PS1 games, still plays fine.  But noticeable.

Gran Turismo 2 - CIB - 2 copies of the arcade disc.  Discs are rough, case is good with typical shelf wear.  Manual has a few minor creases.

Oddworld Abe's Exodus - Disc 1 and Case only (missing disc 2) - water damage on case insert, disc is rough

Sim City 2000 - CIB - Disc Rough, Manual has a few creases, Jewel case is whole, no cracks, typical wear

Syphon Filter - CIB - Rough Disc - Nice Manual - Crack in Jewel Case



Playstation 2

Castlevania Lament of Innocence - Disc Only - Light to medium scratches on discs, plays fine.



Sega Dreamcast

NBA 2k - I can tell it's complete, but can't say what kind of condition as it was resealed by a mom/pop video game store.

NFL 2k - Same as above.

NFL 2k1 - Same as above.


Sega Genesis

Madden 95 - Complete - Nice Shape - Extra inserts like Mailaway card, etc

Hangman SG Homebrew - Never played this copy, nice shape includes original thank you card.

Blockbuster World Championships Reproduction - New In Box - Still Sealed (might be harder to get rid of, but feel free to make an offer)




Thief - CIB

Psychonauts - CIB


Non Working -

Pieces - Super Nintendo Cart Only - Nice cart - Doesn't play would make for a good shell replacement.

Playstation 1 Mouse - I can't remember if it was a button or tracking that did not work.  I believe it was a button that didn't work, as I used it in combo with a controller to play Policenauts!



Super Mario Bros Super Show DVD "Off the Map"  - Sealed - Nice




Game Boy

Consumer Precaution

George Foremans KO

Star Wars

Yoshi's Cookie



Duck Hunt




Bass Hunter 64

Bomberman Hero

Cruis'n World

Diddy Kong Racing

Mortal Kombat Mythologies Sub Zero

Perfect Dark

Road Rash 64

Star Fox 64

Star Wars Episode 1 Racer

Star Wars Rogue Squadron

Super Mario 64

Turok 2 Seeds of Evil

WWF War Zone


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i never really knew that she could dance like this
she make a man wants to speak Plantish
[Some random words in that language]
her house is our house! (Venus, o Venus) (or whatever Beltane person you like)

All that to the tune of Shakira's hit song Hips don't lie.  Happy Beltane the sun is nice.
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wow, sorry i didn't see your post.  i didn't get a message in my email, either.

it is not the limited, but is unopened, unused.  i bought this directly from Frank at Midwest Gaming Classic.  I can't remember what year, sometime after it had been released. I had already moved past collecting Homebrews, but had to support him, as he's such a great human being.  long live frank!


happy equinox, yea yea give me some of that sun

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mostly lower tier items at this point, so hope to give this thing a  makeover in the coming month.


edited to add - if you do see something, please send a pm.  i don't always get the notification of new thread posts.

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