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Diablo IV: Your pretty face is going to hell


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As someone who played the hell out of Diablo 1+2, but felt pretty lukewarm about 3, this is a welcome return to form.

Just leveling and enjoying the campaign and exploration.  Already seems like a good amount of fun builds to experiment with.  Looks to have a pretty meaty endgame and seasonal content to look forward to here.


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Fucckkk my buddy was telling me today how OG fun it was.

If I DL Diablo,TotK is out the window, which sucks because Its fun and I really, really want to complete a bunch of content.


I can smash through zelda then get later but then I miss out on the hype like a loser!


My life is super hard

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On 6/3/2023 at 11:06 AM, Reed Rothchild said:

Diablo = a billion playthroughs

Diablo 2 = one playthrough

Diablo 3 = one labored playthrough

Diablo 4 = I'm afraid of where this is trending

I'm thinking looter games are not my jam

You can still enjoy the lore and exploring the world.  The first two difficulties are easy and you don’t need to worry much about gear.

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