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Why is my Switch controller bleeding?


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wtf. White chalky substance like corroded AAs in an old remote control is coming out of the face buttons of my Switch pro controller. 


I hadn't played at all in a few months. First there was some clear leaking fluid like lubricant. I ran a Q-tip around the buttons to clean that. 

A couple days later this other stuff has appeared, and I've wiped that off a couple times but it's still appearing. 

Performance hasn't yet been affected, except at first I couldn't get the console to recognize the controller at all for a couple of days. But after I got it going the controller works fine. I just want to continue not having problems.

Today I tried to open it up and clean it, but the tips of my micro screwdriver kit are too soft and won't turn the screw, and I don't want to strip the head at all. So, obviously I need to get a new tool. Can anyone recommend a certain product? I feel ridiculous asking that but manufacturing is such now that we apparently can't expect a simple tool to do what we expect it to, zero surprise, capitalist society always low prices 🙂

And, again, has anyone seen this before? 

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12 hours ago, MrWunderful said:

Unless you are saying that happened with out you touching it in months? 

56 minutes ago, TDIRunner said:

unless that occurred while it sat for a long time, I wouldn't worry about it and just wipe it down from time to time.  

Yeah, I didn't play anything for a few months. And when I first tried, the console wouldn't recognize it at all. After a few days of messing with it, with and without the dock, I was finally able to synch it after I unplugged the dock and plugged it in again.

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I used a driver I got included with replacement parts from AliExpress but if you wanted to be able to get it quickly harbor freight is usually everywhere and has a few sets that would prob work for a reasonable price






The first couple have nicer quality bits though.

Oh yeah! you could try the driver you have now but put a rubber band between it and the screw to get better traction (not the best but sometimes works in a pinch)

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Social Team · Posted

I think you'll find that if you open it up and really clean it, that it will be delayed in coming back.  Also you can be sure it's nothing more than just dead skin and oils from your hand.  Next time you have a long gaming cession take a second and see if you have hot sweaty hands.  I know I can get that way and the white controller of the PS5 really shows the grim that can build up on the surface let along the cracks.  Regular cleaning and wiping down of the WHOLE controller is needed.  Deep cleaning is like a yearly thing I think if you are a heavy user.  

Dental cleaning kits can be super helpful for getting into the spaces that q-tips can't.  If you worry about scratching the plastic as you don't have fine motor controls you can get a plastic set so there is a very low risk.  It's just hard to get a fine tip with plastic tools sometimes.


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