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Your thoughts on the Power Base Mini?


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I’m getting into Master System and I value space right now so I was looking into the Power Base Converter for my Model 1 Genesis. However the Power Base Mini by Stone Age Gamer is an even cheaper option. I know you can’t play the card games with it, but are there any other drawbacks? Any positives?


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I would highly suggest the original sega made model. It looks awesome paired with a model 1 genesis ( especially if you have a model 1 sega cd underneath).it also works perfect as well and is well made.

i have no experience with Stone Age gamers model but I say why not get original equipment? If price is the only reason wait until you find a good deal on the oem model.

The original power base converter only works with the model 1 genesis so keep that in mind.

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7 hours ago, Sega Genesis Sage said:

I have the Power Base Mini with the FM chip. Worth it for that feature alone.

I second this. The FM chip mini is a fantastic 3rd party accessory to own.


6 hours ago, Nintegageo said:

I honestly cannot remember whether it is the PBC or just the Genesis controllers, but I remember maybe 5-10 games that do not work with them - just not sure which it is, controller or the base.

It's the controller, a few SMS games are not compatible with 3/6 button Genesis controllers. You can get around this by using a SMS controller for those games, but the d-pad on those controllers aren't great. What I did was to mod a spare 3 button Genesis controller with a switch that lets me flip between 2-button and 3-button mode.

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A bit of serendipity after posting this... but I just had a local deal on a Power Base Converter come up that came under the price of the Power Base Mini and well under the current eBay prices. I’m happy that worked out.

That said, I’ll probably still get the FM version of the PBM in the future just for that feature and flexibility with Model 2 Genesis/CDX systems.

Thank you for the answers!

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