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Prototype Show-off

Sign Collector Guy

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11 hours ago, Jaxsbox said:

Is this club members only or public forum? Is there going to be further break downs on the types of protos to keep general browsing easier?


I made it public. We can make it however we want. Any suggestions just throw them out there. @Gloves I see clubs can have only one mod. I see I cannot add or change. Is it possible to add mod duties to someone else in a club or also change?

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4 hours ago, Ferris Bueller said:


Thanks for posting. @Ferris Bueller is that the SimCity proto?

And random question for anyone who may know, why is Zelda 2 a shell for several protos? I know I’ve seen multiple developers use Zelda 2 shells just like this one and it’s interesting that they’re cut out perfectly for the large dev boards/proto usage. Makes me wonder if someone at Nintendo at some point cut out a bunch of these and sent them along with the dev boards to third party companies to use for prototype development. Just seems odd that there are several protos that use a Zelda 2 shell cut out this exact way but they are not exclusive to one developer.

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  • The title was changed to Prototype Show-off

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